USS Tarvos : A San Antonio Meeting Chapter

CMN Fundraiser/Recruitment Mission: L-R: LJG Natalia Sharp, LJG Chrissie Sharp, and CDR Mikey Bear.

The USS Tarvos is a meeting group of volunteers. We take part in away missions to the San Antonio Food Bank year round.We have had the pleasure of having support from another Chapter: The USS Battle Born’s Crew has joined us in Food Bank missions.
We also attend cons and raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network at the con. When we can’t get a table at a con, the First Officer and I will hand out cards to all Trekkies we see and tell them about STARFLEET in the hopes of recruiting them.We have had the pleasure of having support from another chapter: the USS Crockett has helped on Fundraiser missions.
Our members host game nights and pot luck dinners. When there is a Trek movie or some other Sci-Fi movie, we like to attend in uniform to help promote STARFLEET.

CMN Fundraiser/Recruitment Mission: L-R: PO3 Ralph Wilson, former CDR Chris Trujillo, FCAPT/First Officer John Johnston, CAPT/CO Michael Trujillo, LCDR Daryl Varnado, LCDR Gracie Varnado, LCDR Arwen Wilson
Game Night: CAPT Michael Trujillo and LCDR Daryl Varnado.

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