RC Update – Sept 2019

Greetings Region 3! 

We’ve just returned from the bi-annual trip to Space Center Houston, and once again a great time was had! I expect more articles focusing on that event, so I won’t steal too much of their thunder – but was was great to see nearly 60 members and friends! The USS Zavala Anniversary Dinner that followed had 42 people attending! It is truly great to see so many friends at these events!

In region business, I’d like everyone to welcome Robert Hunnicutt of the USS Zavala to the role of Chief Administrative Officer. In this role he will be the one coordinating the award system – which will start early this year! He will also be investigating adding the EPUB format as an option to our regional documentation. Robert was in the event coordinator role, but that never really played out as intended, so we found him something new to do!

Region 3 has begun taking over our own orientation efforts. This was always a goal, but is now possible thanks to the efforts of Linda Olson and the on boarding team, who is giving us the needed  information as it comes – vs. trying to compare current to older records on the entire R3 roster. The Communications department will be heading this effort up. If you get notices, and have input, please let us know. 

Speaking of getting notices. Various email providers are not playing nice again/still. If you are on yahoo or AOL especially, we’ve noticed blocked/failed deliveries, etc. So has fleet HQ. If you have these, or other old free providers, please consider using a gmail account for SFI matters. If you have an android phone, you have a gmail account already. We will be building a page to explain this issue in greater detail. 

Personally, my September stayed busy. After the Space Center, I went to Fencon, up in Dallas, the next weekend. This is my favorite convention, allowing me to ‘recharge’ and get about a year’s worth of deeply geeky conversations in, in three days. While there I help throw two room parties, as part of a different fan org – and great fun was had by all! 

During that same weekend, flooding once again came to our Region. Thus far, every reports safe, and no dire impact to their homes. If you know of a member that has been adversely impacted, please have them contact me ASAP. 

I canceled the RC chat fro this month, as I had a personal engagement that day, but those will resume in October. Until then!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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