Retribution Station Honored at R3 Summit

Retribution Station, under the command of CWO5 Michael Denman, set a stellar example for STARFLEET and received numerous Region 3 STARFLEET Marine and Fleet Awards at the Region 3 Summit. They included:

  • Brigade Commanding Officer of the Year: Michael Denman, OIC, 324th MSG, the Watchmen
  • Star of Valor (Brigade NCO (Enlisted) of the Year) R Pernelli, 324MSG/2BN
  • Legion of Valor (Brigade Unit of the Year) 324MSG/2BN, The Watchmen
  • Junior Member of the Year: Savannah Denman, Retribution Station
  • Enlisted Member of the Year: Joseph Hartman, Retribution Station
  • Commanding Officer of the Year: Michael Denman, Retribution Station
  • Chapter of the Year: Retribution Station

In 2017, Retribution Station donated 560 hours to the American Red Cross, over 80 hours to Habitat for Humanity, and over 50 hours to the American Cancer Society, and at the Lone Star Legal Aid. They raised $1,010 for the American Cancer Society with their event, “Operation Fight Back”. They lent a hand when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and 3 members of the Station were nominated for the SFMC Disaster Relief award.

They also have a weekly gaming night that the Chief of the Station hosts. The Station is tight-knit and supports each other throughout. They got tattoos together, played airsoft, video games, RPG’s, and once a month do a thing called ‘Trek on the Deck’. That’s where they have lightsaber fights, have dinner, sometimes shoot, play games, and watch a movie. And in 2017 they had the honor and privilege of witnessing the wedding of two of their crewmates.

It is for their efforts these self-described ‘geeks’ were recognized for their outstanding contributions to STARFLEET and Region 3 with these awards.

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